CCS Services Overview

A major difference between Chemical Conditioning Services and other service companies is our belief in assessing every aspect of what's happening inside your well before inducing a single chemical. By accurrately diagnosing problems, we can provide the proper services and solutions needed to maintian the health of your assets.

Our philosophy is built on the idea that understanding your issues from the inside out exposes the required SOLUTIONS. We do not simply treat symptoms hoping to the uncover the issues." Butch Edmonds President


CCS carefully assesses all phases of every well – whether production or disposal – to identify where problems are occurring and why.

CCS works from one end of your operation to the other. Maticulously assessing the contents, levels, pressures, and integrity within each component to develop an comprehensive "well profile" to pinpoint where issues are occurring.


CCS uses the assessment and "well profile" to identify the contributing agents that need to be addressed. The final diagnosis is provided to the customer with a complete treatment strategy for eliminating the problems and protecting the well from further damage or loss in production.


Unlike other service companies, CCS does not simply dump a “cocktail” of chemicals into your system hoping to "treat" the symptoms. Instead, CCS uses only the prescibed chemicals required to accomplish a cure for all diagnosed problems. CCS never wastes your time and money on unneeded products or services.

Service & Maintenance

Once CCS has returned your well back to full, healthy operation, we maintain its health through constant monitoring and the quick adjustment of solutions when required.