CCS Products Overview

We take the time to not only access the needs of the well, but to understand the goals of our customers. We focus on both curing their problems, as well as assisting them in improving capabilities and increasing profitability."

Odell White Senior Accounts Manager


Chemical Conditioning Services specializes in a wide variety of chemical treatments for production and water disposal wells. Below is a breakdown of the products we provide:


FeGon99 is CCS’s diverse suite of Iron Sulfide control products; each specifically formulated to respond to the unique conditions that occur within each production or disposal well.

Paraffin Inhibitors

Prevent precipitation of paraffin wax deposits in production risers, subsea tie-backs, and other production tubular with paraffin control inhibitors.

Scale Inhibitors

Maximize production volume while reducing equipment downtime by using CCS scale inhibitors to prevent scale deposits in tubulars and flow lines.

Corrosion Inhibitors

CCS provides corrosion inhibitors through an extensive evaluation process. Once a diagnoses is completed CCS will put your equipment of corrosion management program designed to extend the life of your equipment, reducing failures, and improving overall production health.


Foaming is an easy, economic solution used to relieve the hydrostatic head that develops with elevated water columns in older wells, which can have adverse effects on the well’s productivity. By reducing equipment downtime and providing better compliance with environmental regulations, foamers are becoming a prefered alternative to mechanical alternatives which even allow collected gas to be sold for additional profitability, as opposed to simply releasing these gases into the atmosphere.

H2S Scavangers

CCS’s H2S scavengers and H2S management services effectively reduce the level of hydrogen sulfide gas that occurs in you oil filed operations. H2S scavengers provide safer, more reliable conditions for your environmental, regulatory, and operational concerns.


When water and oil form under certain conditions, they form a combination referred to as "emulsions." To remove the water and extract the oil, demulsifiers must be added to the mixture. Demulsifiers hold the dispersed droplets of water during the external phase which stabilizes the emulsion.

Oxygen Scavangers

Disolved gases, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide, destabilize water pH and can lead to increased equipment corrosion. Of the three, Oxygen is by far the most corrosive and can enter a system in a number of ways. CCS's O2 Scavengers decreases the level of oxygen through chemical reactions and eliminates the corrosive agents from water.