Find out why we are called the Well Doctors.

CCS isn’t simply a "pharmacy service" that dumps cocktails of chemicals down your well hoping for results. We examine, assess, and diagnose your problem from the inside out and then cure those problems through superior insight and products.

Strong formulation. Strong results.

FeGon99 is a diverse suite of products uniquely designed to respond to the specific issues occurring within your disposal wells.



Break down the problem, not your equipment.

Paraffin can destroy your production equipment from the inside out. Let CCS prescribe the right products to eliminate it from your operations.



We solve your well problems

Welcome to CCS!

Chemical Conditioning Services, Inc. is a team of highly specialized, and uniquely qualified individuals striving to provide the very best well health management services available. With over 65 years of combined oilfield services experience,
CCS identifies and delivers the exact solutions
need to cure all your waste water and production well issues.



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The combined experience of our team members makes CCS one of the most knowledgable solutions around.

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Take a look at our new facilities in Cuero, Texas – designed specifically with customer service in mind.

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CCS provides end-to-end products and solutions that are made possible by utilizing the very best equipment and technologies available.

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CCS was founded as, and proudly remains, a South Texas Chemical provider.